This week’s trivia…

Up through Excel 2003, there were 16.8 million cells in a single spreadsheet. With the release of Excel 2007, that number was increased to 17.2 billion!

This week’s tip(s)…

Open Separate Windows in Excel

If you’re working on 2 monitors and want to have 2 separate windows of Excel open, rather than just splitting 1 window among several workbooks (explained below), you need to actually re-open Excel from your Start menu. Perhaps you want to do this so you can maximize the amount of space you have to view each workbook. If you open another Excel workbook by clicking on it from your Desktop or browsing to it from its folder, it will be opened in the same window as your other open workbooks. To work around this, you need to re-open Excel from your Start menu, and then click File > Open and open your workbook that way.

Arrange All: Different Viewing Options in Excel

If you’re working on 1 monitor and just want to view your separate workbooks at the same time, Excel offers a handful of viewing options. Click on the View tab, then the Arrange All button.

The following menu will appear, and you can choose your viewing option. Please note that whichever workbook you have your cursor in will either be placed at the top (horizontal), on the left (vertical), in the top left corner (tiled), or in front (cascade). In this example I’ve kept Book3 (yellow cells) selected so you can see how it moves around depending on which viewing option you choose.

Here’s an example of each one…

Tiled (Book3 in top left corner)

Horizontal (Book3 on top)

Vertical (Book3 on far left)

Cascade (Book3 in front)