I was tasked with migrating Rights Management Services ( RMS ) to Active Directory Rights Management Services ( AD RMS ) for a client.  The old RMS server was Windows 2003 with RMS installed and in production.  That same server also hosted the RMS database.  The new AD RMS server was of course Windows 2008 that would host the new database.  The first thing I wanted to do was to move the SQL database from the old server to the new server, test, and let the dust settle.  I followed Microsoft’s TechNet article http://bit.ly/WZaOl  with no problems. 

 I then followed Microsoft’s TechNet article http://bit.ly/YoErt to migrate.  Everything looked fine until users tried to open protected emails and documents.  They would get the error “You do not have credentials that allow you to open this document.  You can request updated permission from SAMPLEUSER@DOMAIN.COM.  Do you want to request updated permission?

 AD RMS was reading the database but not writing to it for some reason.  It turned out some fields in the DRMS_ClusterPolicies table PolicyData column were pointing to the name of the old RMS server.  I simply went into the table and replaced the old server name with the new server name. 

 After that everything started working!

-Adam J. Rafels