My second presentation at SPC2008 was Advanced Search Configuration and Management. I presented in “the BIG room” and what a thrill that was. The AV folks were true professionals, the stage was amazing, and the audience (though a bit small due to the early hour on the last day..) was very receptive and kind.

After the session I fired up the VPC to determine what went wrong with the breadcrumb demo and determined that in my haste I chose the wrong master page. Rather than editing blueglassband.master, I edited blueband.master. The resulting pages should have looked like this, notice that the search box is missing on both pages.

I promised that I would post the links, deck, and code so here you go.


Microsoft Enterprise Search:

Microsoft Enterprise Search Blog:

Index Tuning and Relevance

One attendee asked about tuning relevance. There are a few techniques that you can use. Here are a few articles that should get you pointed in the right direction.

SharePoint SDK “Improving Relevance”

Evaluating and Customizing Search Relevance in SharePoint

Open Search Spec

I wrote up a separate post with the walk through that I did not get to in my demo. Light up IE with Open Search.

Managing keywords outside of MOSS

There was an “Importer” for XML, I am at a loss for where I saw it though…

Using Vista Desktop Search with MOSS


My XSL, Thesaurus, and Open Search code examples.

My Page Anatomy Master page

The Presentation

Here is the deck I presented: Advanced Search Configuration and Management.