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Dynamics CRM 2016 has just entered Beta 2, and so far, so good. I am hoping to be able to demonstrate some of the additional features that were supposed to be turned on in Beta 2 as we continue in our series of What’s New with Dynamics CRM 2016 webinars.

What has impressed me the most is that the Interactive Service Hub allows for a total immersive experience for case management and metrics. Many times when trying to assist customers there is far too much information that needs to be translated into to actions to service the customer. The Interactive Service Hub will change the screens in context to keep the person assisting the customer completely focused on what is needed to get the problem resolved. It will remove all the “noise” that is not needed to resolve the problem.

Here are some screen shots – enjoy!



Please join me as I present the What’s New in Dynamics 2016 Webinar Series over the next week. Make sure to check our website for registration and more information.

Were you able to make Part 1 of the series? If not, I encourage you to listen and learn more about the many new sales features of Dynamics CRM.