Importing duplicate drivers into Configuration Manager has adequately been covered by Johan and William Bracken. The process that both outline in their posts is simple and easy to implement but very time consuming if done manually on more than one or two system models. At a client recently, I whipped up a quick script to automate this process.

for /f "tokens=*" %%G IN (‘dir /ad /b /s’) DO (
echo. > "%%G\%~n0.txt"

Just put the above code into a batch file at the root of your directory structure for a given model and name it for that hardware model; e.g., name it Optiplex755.bat and put it in the root of the folders housing the Optiplex 755 drivers.


Executing this simple batch file will create an empty text file named Optiplex755.txt in every sub-directory.

Repeat as necessary for each model and each model’s top-level driver folder.

If you add or change any drivers for a model, just re-execute the script.