Fairly self explanatory, but basically, yes, you’ll need to download the Company Portal to get apps for Android.

In September 2015, the Microsoft Intune Company Portal website will stop supporting app installation and management for Android devices that run versions 4.0 and later. Users that run an affected version must install the Company Portal app from Google Play to browse for, and install apps. Because the Company Portal app does not support Android versions earlier than 4.0, the Company Portal website will continue to provide app browsing and installation capabilities for Android versions 2.X and 3.X.
View this alert in the Microsoft Intune console:  https://manage.microsoft.com/MicrosoftIntune/Home?accountid=fe13ec40-b61b-4818-aa28-3f1472f62e68#Workspace/alerts/index#?P=//alerts/alert/&A={AL=1941276}