One of the roadblocks for many of Catapult’s clients is the fear of the unknown when it comes to security in a cloud deployment.  When you’re running your systems on-premises, it’s fairly easy to control the unknowns from a security perspective; lock down your firewall and control ingress and egress points.  How do you accomplish that in a mobile-first, cloud-first world? 

Information Technology departments are tasked with enabling their users’ productivity, while still maintaining the same level of security.  Cloud providers, like Microsoft, spend a tremendous amount of time and resources to secure their environments.  Much of Microsoft’s process, technology, and compliance information is stored in the Office 365 and Azure Microsoft Trust Center, but how do you ensure that your network, directories, and data are secured when tying into their cloud?

Catapult Systems’ Specialized Cloud Offerings helps map out company needs and desired outcomes to cloud services, creating a truly cloud-enabled organization. Every cloud consulting project we participate in requires some level of directory assessment.

  • How is your current Active Directory structured?
  • Do you have the right policies in place, in your on-premises Active Directory, before extending it to the cloud?
  • Is the data clean and in a useable format for the cloud?

Once we have a lay of the land, we can begin to design a cloud deployment strategy that meets your requirements for service, but still maintains, or builds upon, the security strategy you’re trying to maintain.  Managing your users and groups in a single directory limits your exposure to attacks and gives your IT department more control over access to data, while still enabling your users.

Once this building block is in place, we can begin to leverage these Corporate Identities to provide our users access to the tools they need, when they need them.  This building block is just one of the focus areas for Catapult’s Cloud Firm Foundation.

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