Digital Transformation: Challenges

“We’ve spent an awful lot of money on technology, but I still see people working in the old way.”— Fortune 500 CIO

Based on a survey conducted by SFDC 2016 State of Digital Transformation, these are the top roadblocks associated with the Digital Transformation:

  1. Understanding behavior or impact of a new customer
  2. Lack of data or ROI to justify value of digital transformations
  3. Risk management, compliance, and/or legal complications
  4. Resources
  5. Changing company culture to be agile
  6. Lack of digital transformation budget allocation

What do these roadblocks have in common? They all start and end with technology. But challenge doesn’t live in the digital tool itself; we find it around integration and usage. Also, each of the above challenges arise as a result of or a catalyst to the others.

That said, a piece-meal approach to problem solving will continually drown in the current it means to control. It’s easy to feel trapped in a vicious cycle of digital accumulation—you invest in one tool only to need another—but you can re-direct this pattern with the right strategy.

I know that everyone (myself included) likes to throw around “strategic” as though the word itself will yellow-brick us all the way to Emerald City. But strategy takes time and usually some trial and error. If it wasn’t so complicated, why would consulting companies exist to help pave your digital landscape?

The Bottom Line: Your solution to Digital Transformation challenges is NOT to stop transforming digitally, it’s to accept technology for what it has become: An essential part in the body of your organization, the physiology of which creates chaos or ease.

How Do We Adapt?

“Digital transformation isn’t easy. Its true evolution takes time and resources, with benefits delivered in the long term.” — Brian Solis, 2016

Despite transformation’s pain period, many companies have already enjoyed return on digital investments. In Part 3 of this blog series, I’ll share the benefits people attribute to their digital transformation. Stay tuned!

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