When you need to dig into a code file without spinning up it’s respective IDE and still benefit from syntax highlighting Notepad++ is a great alternative to the native Notepad application that comes baked into Windows. Out-of-the-box Notepad++ supports over 50 programming, scripting, and markup languages. Every once in while you’ll open a code file but Notepad++ fails to auto recognize the content and apply the appropriate languages syntax highlighting schema. That’s because it’s matching on the files extension, not the content.


There are 2 ways to fix this…

Solution 1

Manually switch to the desired language:


Solution 2 (much better)

Doing this manually can get old really fast so if you’re really lazy like me you can configure the file extension (e.g. – .config, .transform) to be associated with a specific language like so:

Settings > Style Configurator…


Choose the language and enter 1 or more file extensions separated by spaces. Then click ‘Save & Close’.


Now that we’re all setup the next time you open any file with that extension it will automatically apply syntax highlighting with the chosen language.