For anyone that has begun messing with Design Manager and Branding SharePoint 2013, you may have tried to leverage the export design package functionality. 


This is a great concept! It appears to have a bug.  When you import a site collection SharePoint appears to remove several columns form the Page and Article Page content types.  I first discovered the issue and work around from this bog post.


This article led me to the work around.  Ideally we should still be using Visual Studio to package these files until Microsoft is able to fix this issue.  In my scenario, I was leveraging O365 for a client and had limited time so I was forced to use the work around instead of redesigning my deployment strategy.


Here is what I found. Yes, BondByte had it correct.  Add back the columns through the GUI and you are off and running.  I want to add a little more details because there are many more columns leveraged by article pages that were not mentioned in his post.


Lets compare the Page content type between a Branded site and an unbranded site…

You can see that this content type needs the columns Rollup Image, Hide physical URLs from Search, Browser Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Hide from Internet Search Engines added back to the Page content Type.


After we add the missing Page columns back and fix the order, Le’ts compare the Article Page Content Type…

You can see that Page Content, Summary Links, Byline, Article Date, and Image Caption are all missing from the Article Page content type.  By adding them back and correcting the order you will now regain all functionality that was lost from the Design Package Import.


I have not had the time to go through each content type that inherits from the Page Content Type.  I would not be surprised if you found some more missing columns in other content types.  Maybe that will be my next blog post. 🙂


Happy SharePointing!