It’s been a busy week for Office 365 requests. Here’s some quick notes from the field on deploying OneDrive for Business. The below instructions create a completely silent installer, if you would like a graphical confirmation presented to the user, change the Display Level=”None” to Display Level=”Full” in the configuration.xml file.

  1. Create network share with read and execute permission to Everyone and Domain Computers
  2. Download Office Deployment Tool
  3. Unpack exe file to network share
  4. Edit configuration.xml file
  1. Change product ID to 32 or 64 as appropriate to match Office.
  2. Open command prompt or powershell window as Administrator
  3. Run command: setup.exe /download \\share\folder\configuration.xml
  4. Monitor taskmgr network activity to determine when download complete ~900mb for full, this should be less for ODFB only
  5. Run \\yourserver\share\folder\setup.exe /configure \\yourserver\share\folder\configuration.xml to install
  6. Check %temp%\Office2013ClicktoRunWindowsIntune.txt for errors or successful exit code
  7. Verify app is in add/remove programs

If prior versions of Office are also present, check for Interop Issues

If packaging for Configuration Manager, note that this installs from a static location, not the DPs. To localize on the DP, you’ll need to:

  1. Create a package with the sources files downloaded in step 7.
  2. Change the run command to %~dp0setup.exe /configure %~dp0configuration.xml