In Last Month’s Review I discussed running the Site Performance in SharePoint Online from your Edge Browser.  After running the Page Diagnostics tool you’ll see a link in your SharePoint Settings (access from the gear in your Office 365 bar) for Site Performance. This is a great place to go to see opportunities for improvement in page loading, like adding a CDN or reducing the number of iFrames in use.

Example of My feed web part

My Feed Web Part from Microsoft

December brings us more holiday gifts from the Microsoft 365 Roadmap like the My Feed Web Part.  As someone who has seen many wish lists of SharePoint desires over the years, this one has always been near the top!  The new My Feed Web Part is a feed for users to see items specific to them like their meetings or relevant recently changed documents.  You can add this to modern pages to have a personalized view of the page for your users.

Another gift for SharePoint users this season is the ability to UNDO. With automatic versioning we essentially have had this functionality, but now it is built right into the page when you are editing in grid view.  Per the roadmap, this is should be generally available in your tenant before 2020.

Microsoft Lists Image of undo

Microsoft Lists Grid View now has Undo







Enjoy these new releases from Microsoft and we’ll look forward to even more in 2021.