This blog post is probably not going to be relevant to my regular readers, but should be helpful item to have out there for the search engines for anyone else who runs into this! For Christmas I received a V1Connection from my family (shout-out to Michelle, Alex and the crew!). I’ve owned a valentine one radar detector for years and have loved it. The V1Connection is a very cool idea where it adds a Bluetooth module to your Valentine One radar detector which interacts with your android phone via the Bluetooth connection.

On initial installation, after correctly connecting the phone to the Bluetooth device there was an error indicating that "No data coming from the Valentine One" as shown below.

Some years back I replaced my existing power wire for my Valentine One with a standard phone cable because one of the clips broke off. It had been working like a champ for years. The picture below shows a standard two wire phone cable (note the two gold connections). What I didn’t realize was that the replacement cable would not work for the V1Connecion because he only wires used were the two required for power. There was no way to transmit the data back to the Bluetooth module.

A correct replacement wire is shown below: (note the four gold connections).

After re-wiring with the correct replacement cable, the error did not occur any longer and my Valentine One was now integrating correctly with my phone!

Summary: If you get the "No data coming from the Valentine One" from your V1Connection make sure that you have a working four-wire connection running to your Valentine One.