The biggest announcement about TFS 2010:

"Price – We’re not quite ready to announce the pricing and licensing for 2010 yet but I can tell you that it will be at least as easy and cost effective to get as SourceSafe has been.  Stay tuned for more info on this." great post.

That means that instead of $20,000 for licensing (current cost of TFS for a small development team), I am speculating that it might be included with license of Visual Studio/MSDN Universal License.

Visual Source safe was the most popular source control system in the world in the 90s. Now it is the most hated source control system in the world (for good reasons.) I hate it when VSS asks me: "Would you like to run the analyze utility to make sure your files are not corrupt?" But the one thing that VSS had/has is it is easy to set up and use. TFS 2010 Basic aims to make setup easy (no SharePoint dependency).

Screenshot of  TFS Basic Configuration Wizard (easy easy):


TFS is awesome. I fell in love with it while using it for free at codeplex building SharePoint SUSHI.