Join us in talking with Ron about the hype of Data AI and its business value that it brings to businesses around the world.


R: Hi! I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the value of an AI-driven strategy and culture.

R: The recent hype of AI in the tech industry is digitally disrupting many organizations goals, while empowering the way we live our daily lives. AI’s ability to see, hear, speak, and understand like humans, is a massive breakthrough! Allowing us to form a critical relationship with AI technology.

R: While AI has been coexisting with humanity for over 25 years, it’s a recent boom in the tech industry, leads us to the important question of “Why AI now, and how can organizations embrace a value-added AI ready strategy and culture?”

R: With close to 1,000,000 active AI developers utilizing Microsoft cognitive services, it has been estimated that by 2020, over 85% of businesses will be transformed by AI. There are four critical components that can be attributed to AI’s recent hype:

1. The availability of extremely big data sets,

2. Massive compute power,

3. Powerful algorithms and,

4. The easily accessible out of the box Microsoft cognitive services have all contributed to the rise of AI now.

R: With AI, machines can learn from big data sets overtime without direct intervention, interpret the meaning of text, voice, and image data; and finally form a conclusion from a variety of structured, unstructured, and constantly evolving data sets. Additionally, machine learning creates algorithms. Varying from simple linear functions, to extremely complex ones, like an artificial neural network.

R: The goal of a successful AI strategy might be to bring AI to every application, business process, and employee. Microsoft’s ever-growing and evolving cognitive services brings both SaaS AI (optimized for time to market), and Custom AI (optimized for flexibility to organizations in a democratized fashion).

R: With all the excitement around AI there has been significant investments from venture capitalists and technology companies around the future of AI, and the value it brings to companies and societies.

R: Venture capital funding of AI companies soared 72% last year. Hitting a record $9.3B. Some approaches to implementing AI include empowering development teams with SaaS AI, integrating existing applications with AI, and utilizing out of the box services to champion a citizen data scientist mindset.

R: If you’ve enjoyed this video, be sure to check out Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services for more information on transforming your business with AI.

R: To learn more about recommended AI strategies and services, visit Microsoft’s online AI Business School.

R: Thanks for watching.


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