One of the greatest features of Office 365 Groups is that they are easily created by end users without IT interaction.  All a user has to have is their email account in the cloud and they will be able to create new O365 Groups.  This provides them with a wealth of features like:

  • Threaded discussions
  • Email enabled discussion
  • File Library
  • OneNote Notebook
  • Planner

One complaint that people have made is that you cannot get to the libraries to customize them and add say, custom columns and metadata.  Today I can tell you that isn’t the case, you just need to know the secret URL.

This will take you to the following page


From here you can get to the Document Library and have access to all of the settings there.


See, full…full control of the document library.  You can create views, add content types, set versioning control, default metadata…anything.

Oh, and if you note on the Manage Content page, you can create new content as well.  This means that you can create entire sub sites as well.

Hope this makes management of your Groups a bit easier.

Last note…if you change your Group to use the classic experience you will lose the ability to get to the settings of the library.  This is the way to change your group library back to the new document library experience.