I recently encountered a situation in which one of our CRM users wanted to clean up some old CRM Views which were created using Advanced Find and shared with him by someone who is no longer with the company.
This presented an interesting dilemma, because the person who shared the views did not give the CRM users delete permissions, so when he attempted to delete the saved view, he would get an Access Denied error.
And even though I was the CRM Administrator, I could not see the view because it was not shared with me. The fix turned out to be easy, but I thought I would share it since it is not exactly intuitive.
In order to fix this issue, I had to click on Settings -> Administration -> Users, select Disabled Users and locate the previous employee’s disabled CRM record. I double clicked on the record to view the detail and clicked on the Reassign Records toolbar item. I choose to reassign the user’s records to me.
Once I had done that, I could click on Advanced Find and choose Saved Views. I was then able to go in and delete the Saved Views which were created by the previous employee.