Using Outlook 2007, an employee was trying to save an attachment to a SharePoint 2007 Document Workspace. But they received the following error message: "Shared attachments are not available for this location.  You may not have permission to access this location, it may not be a trusted site, or it may be unavailable."

After doing some initial research, we confirmed the following:

  • Integration Features were enabled (Central Administration -> Application Management -> Authentication Providers). Select the Default zone and confirm that Enable Client Integration is selected.
  • The version installed on the employee’s computer was Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. This version, and the Microsoft Office Plus Professional 2007 version, both include integration features. The Microsoft Office Standard 2007 version does not. See the 2007 Office Suites Comparison Whitepaper for more details on the differences.
  • The employee had Full Control permissions of the SharePoint site.



It turns out that solving the issue was just a matter of typing the URL correctly. You have to leave off the ‘default.aspx’ so instead of trying to save to a Document Workspace at http://site/subsite/default.aspx, save to http://site/subsite. Yep, that’s it.

This is also true for Outlook 2010, although the error message is a little different – "The operation could not be completed because of a problem found on the server or the server could not be found". Just leave off the ‘default.aspx’ when creating Workspaces.


Thanks to fellow SharePoint Administrator, Eric Phillips, for passing along this tip!