Previously I wrote up a blog entry on how to create computer groups based upon Active Directory sites within Active Directory (!A231E4EB0417CB76!950.entry). Recently I was creating these groups and found that several of the systems did not actually have an Active Directory Site defined for them (seen in the Windows Computer properties of the system being monitored within the Monitoring/Computer section in the detail pane). These were systems which were not within defined site boundaries. To find these I wanted to create a Site-NoADSiteFound computer group so that I could more easily assess what computers were not identified to a site so that I could track back missing information from AD Sites and Services and add the appropriate subnets to the appropriate sites. I tried to create the computer group as I had done for other sites such as the Plano location but it would not work when matching on null, but I did find that it worked if I had it match if I did it based upon not matching a wildcard condition. The actual formula for the computer group was:

( Object is Windows Computer AND ( Active Directory Site Does not match regular expression . ) AND True )

The query formula is saying that it’s a Windows Computer and it doesn’t match the regular expression of . (which is the any character condition). So here’s the steps to create a computer group for windows computers which are not found to be part of a site:

In the Operations Console / Authoring / Groups. Right-click and create a new group. Enter a friendly name (example: Site-NoADSiteFound is what I used) and a description.

· Choose the management pack to store this in (preferably create a separate management pack versus using the Default Management Pack). Click Next to continue.

· Click Next to continue on the Explicit Group Members page.

· Click Create/Edit rules on the Dynamic Inclusion Rules page.

· Select the class “Windows Computer” and the Add button.

· Select Active Directory Site, Equals, and the AD Site Name does not match regular expression, any character. Click Ok. The query formula for the computer group should match the syntax shown above in italics.

· Click Next to continue on the Dynamic Inclusion Rules page.

· Click Next to continue on the Add Subgroups page.

· Click Create to create the computer group on the Exclude Objects from this group page.

Under Monitoring you can now use the Scope button to choose the new group so that you can easily locate Windows Computers which do not exist within a site.