When Mozy came out a few years ago I was thrilled that I could install a client on my computer, pay a low price of about $50 a year, and have my important files encrypted and backed up off-site.  I also got: 

  • Unlimited data backed up
  • Encryption using my own key
  • Versioning
  • Open and locked file support
  • Automatic client updates
  • Multiple settings
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Block-level incremental backups
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Multiple restore options. 


Recently Mozy informed their customers that they were moving away from their “unlimited” plans.  After my contract would expire with them it would be $6 a month for 50 GB then $2 more for 20 GB blocks.  Currently I have 403 GB of data.  Let’s do the math:

403 GB (my data) – 50 GB ($6 a month) =  353 GB left. 
353 GB / 20 GB at $2 a month = $35 + the $6 a month.

$41 A MONTH I would have to pay Mozy when I was paying them $50 a YEAR. 

I think it’s time to look for someone else.

I ended up going with CrashPlan.  It’s basically the same thing as Mozy with added benefits:

  • Basically all the features of Mozy (less secure encryption but still encryption)
  • Unlimited data
  • The ability to backup data to CrashPlan’s servers where they never delete any of your files unless you say so
  • The ability to backup data to another computer you own on your LAN/WAN
  • The ability to backup directly from your computer to a friends computer while keeping the file contents encrypted


I went with the CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited where I can backup all my computers. It was $120 a year.   They also have an unlimited plan for $50 a year where a single computer can backup to their servers.  ALL OF THEIR PLANS EVEN THE FREE PLAN allow you to backup to another disk, computer, or friend if they are running CrashPlan.

I’m even had family members install CrashPlan so they’re backing up their systems to a computer in my apartment.  This way they don’t have to pay for backups because I am their backup server(all data encrypted so I don’t have access to it)

So far it’s been 2 weeks and I’m still uploading my 403 GB to them.  If you want to speed things up you can pay to have them drop off a hard drive at your door where you can back up to then mail it to them.  This way your first sync won’t take as long. 


Mozy, I’ll be calling you as soon as I upload everything to CrashPlan to cancel my contract.  Sorry your price change made me leave you.