Thank you to my collegue Marty List for creating these great tools for command-line network administration, software distribution and login scripts.

OptimumX has a great set of tools that I have tried on newer machines as well as older OS’s.  One of my favorites is the Network Speed tool, go download it and try it out!

Tools included on the OptimumX Downloads include:

Account Manager (AccountManager.exe)
BuiltIn Account Manager (BuiltIn.exe)
Clean Up (CleanUp.exe)
Cover Your Tracks (Cyt.exe)
Delete Profiles (DeleteProfiles.exe)
Empty Recycle Bin (EmptyRecycleBin.exe)
Exit Windows (ExitWindows.exe)
IE Cache (IECache.exe)
ini Tool (iniTool.exe)
Memory Check (MemCheck.exe)
Message Box (MessageBox.exe)
Modify Profile (ModifyProfile.exe)
Network Alias (NetAlias.exe)
Network Password Age (NetPWAge.exe)
Network Server Comment (NetComment.exe)
Network Speed (NetSpeed.exe)
Network Users (NetUsers.exe)
Network View (NetView.exe)
Random Number Generator (Random.exe)
Set Short File Name (SetSFN.exe)
Set Wallpaper (SetWallpaper.exe)
Shell Execute (ShellExecute.exe)
Shortcut (Shortcut.exe)
Windows File Protection Query (WFPQuery.exe)