If you are a company with software assurance and you are using Operations Manager, one of the benefits that you receive is access to Global Service Monitoring in Operations Manager. While I have seen plenty of references to how to create a 90 day trial account, I didn’t find any documentation explaining how to activate your GSM subscription as part of your SA benefits. The blog post below goes through these steps:

Start by logging in at https://orgaccount.microsoft.com/#Workspace/Home/dashboard to your Microsoft account of organizations.

GSM 01.jpg

Go to services

Open System Center Global Service Monitor (shown in green above). Prior to activating this subscription as part of SA benefits the GSM was shown as a trial and had an expiration date shown in the duration.

Click Use as a Software Assurance Benefit (shown in green above). Fill out the form with each of the required fields completed.

Click I accept and continue (shown above).

Once this has been accepted, your status will now show without saying it’s a trial and having a duration of AUTO RENEW as shown below. You can now download the software for GSM for your environment.

Upon successful completion you should also receive two emails in your account such as the example two shown below indicating that your subscription is now activated.