ConfigMgr SP2 is now available (and has been since Oct 22). Time to address the two commonly recurring questions I have seen in the forums and mailing lists?

When will the full integrated installation media be available?

This refers to a full install of ConfigMgr integrated with SP2 so that you do not have to first install ConfigMgr SP1 and then immediately upgrade to SP2.

The answer from reliable sources is that it is expected by the end of December. There is no promise or guarantee, so don’t stake your business plan on it, but there is no reason not to believe this timeframe for release.

Without the integrated media, how do I install a primary site server on Windows Server 2008 R2?

First, yes this is a supported configuration per

There are two options for this currently:

  • Install ConfigMgr SP1 and then install SP2 immediately following the install. I tested this in the lab and had no issues and have seen and heard of others also doing this successfully.
  • Install ConfigMgr SP2 evaluation and then when you get the final licensed media, do an in place upgrade.


Both of the these have their cons, although slight. My first full production install of ConfigMgr post SP2 just started and we are going to opt for the first option above. I don’t like option two because if for some reason they don’t release the media as planned, the customer is out of luck and I recommended something based on verbal information – not a good situation for a consultant to be in.