Recently was working at client, we caused ourselves a slight reporting issue.  We had exported all the reports from a previous site, including custom reports.  When we imported those into the new site, we overwrote the stock reports.  What happens when you do this is that it breaks all the built in reporting links.

You lose the links like this example below.


In order to recreate the stock reports and ensure the appropriate links are there, we simply need to duplicate the process that creates the original reports.  This can be achieved by running a mofcomp against the smsrprt.mof file that is located in \installpath\bin\i386.


One you have done this, you will be able to look at the stock reports and all the links that were previously missing will now be there.  This creates the original stock 332 reports, this doesn’t include the AI, FSP or FEP reports that might be added when additional features are added or installed.

In addition during this process and testing, there isn’t a nice way to delete multiple reports. No way to do this via the ConfigMgr console is provided.  So I wrote a simple script to allow you to delete multiple reports.

The following VBscript will delete multiple reports and you can specify the ID range you want to delete.  if you uncomment out the echo commands, you can be prompted as each report is deleted, but that isn’t very efficient if you are deleting a lot of reports.