One of the "fun" tasks when working with clients is when we need to open the various ports on a client’s network for Configuration Manager to work properly.  I’ve had to sit down with many clients and go through the TechNet port diagram countless times, to only have to do it again a few months later.  Eventually I said enough was enough.

I have developed an excel spreadsheet that contains all the ports used.  On the 2nd sheet, you can put in the names of the servers for the various ConfigMgr roles. Once you do that, the 1st sheet will auto populate with those names.  Once this is completed you will have a nice sheet you can show the client, or your network team that shows what ports needed to be open and from where to where.

The information is based upon the TechNet information listed here.

Here is a sample screenshot of the excel sheet.


Here is a screenshot of the configuration page.


Download the spreadsheet here.