I just found out about this tool from a colleague this week.  Very cool tool, definitely something to look at if you are creating a lot of BDP’s.

ConfigMgr Brand DP Add

BDPAdd is a tool that will bulk add protected branch distribution points to a ConfigMgr 2007 (SCCM) hierarchy. There is currently not a way, in the ConfigMgr console, to add multiple protected Branch distribution points at once. This tools attempts to address that problem. (Note: The tool could be easily modified, if needed, to add unprotected branch DPs. I needed protected Branch DPs though, so that’s what I wrote this for.
This tool was written in C# and requires the .NET framework 2.0

Running the tool
BDPAdd.exe /s {central site server} /file {excel file} /log {path}
/s Central Site Server name.
/file Path to Excel files.
/log Log file path.

  • The input for this tool is an Excel 2003 spreadsheet and there are some requirements for the format of this spreadsheet. Review the example spreadsheet, bdpexample.xls, attached. Any deviation from this will either produce errors or unexpected resutls.
  • All output from this tool is written to the log file only. (The Trace utility from the ConfigMgr toolkit can be used to view the log)