UserTokenSIDs contains an error

A few days ago I began receiving errors when running reports in the ConfigMgr console and the web portal.

A few other very generic errors were displayed as well, but this one was the most prevalent and detailed (if you call that detailed).

The errors occurred for every user when executing any report that adheres to ConfigMgr RBAC.  Custom reports that don’t use the fn_rbac_* functions worked fine.

The only logged errors I found were in the ReportServerService__mm_dd_yyyy_##_##_##.log and resembled these

and these

As far as anyone can remember or tell, no changes to SSRS, ConfigMgr rights, ConfigMgr accounts, etc. had been changed.

Ultimately, restarting the SQL Server Reporting Services windows service (which is set to runas a NT ServiceReportsServer) resolved the issue.