It seems no matter how good SCCM becomes there will always be a need to modify the existing hardware inventory gathering.


I am not sure if I am NOT using the Reg2mof 2012 version correctly but so far my experience with the 2007 tool has been utter failure.


I have used this tool extensively in SCCM 07 but for me – this tool hasn’t worked for 2012


And before I proceed I wanted to give major kudos to Troy Henning at tw telecom for “showing” me this fairly easy work around to modify your Hardware inventory gathering.


NOTE that there are several ways to get added hardware classes into SCCM 2012. The below is “1” way that has worked for me/my client :).


The  process is as followings:


On a workstation machine – create a new hardware class.


1. Manually do this per the enclosed link:


2. Create a mof file from existing code found in the configuration.mof (mod as needed) and run mofcomp xxx.mof on the client

A: Create



3. On the server MODIFY the “Default Client Settings” client settings – (any created “Client settings” will NOT let you ADD a hardware class – but “supposedly” you CAN import a MOF file – which again – I haven’t gotten to work)










Click “ADD”