For all the bashing we give SharePoint Designer, there are some very cool, though poorly documented, features. For example, have you ever found yourself creating a style sheet from a graphic provided by a designer? Did the designer give you every hex color value? Would you like to be able to select the exact color and be self sufficient? Here is how I use SharePoint Designer to solve the problem.

Color Picking

  1. Size SPD so that you can see the graphic that has the target colors.
  2. In SPD Choose "Pick Color".

  3. In the color picker, click the Select… button.

  4. Your cursor will change to an eye dropper and you can now select any color on screen. In the example below I am selecting a blue from the banner of the page behind SharePoint Designer.

  5. Click OK and your color choice will be added to the style sheet.


    Go forth and be self sufficient.