Yes, so no one really likes warning messages/prompts!

Speaking of browser windows… we all have our personal preferences on what works best for us. What browser makes you feel the most productive? Is it really easy to use? Being an avid Googler I lean more towards “Chrome”. It’s fast, it’s easy and I simply get it.

That said… just the other day I had a ton of tabs open in Chrome while doing research for an important project. I must have spent couple hours gathering/comparing data from multiple sites. Then, I accidentally hit the “x” button on the browser window, which closed all my tabs. All my tabs were gone. For a minute I was wondering why it didn’t prompt me – give me warning – “are you sure you want to close all your tabs?????”

Okay, so I wasn’t exactly worried of losing the tabs/pages I opened due to my immense faith in Google. I simply opened up a new window in Chrome that had the “Recently Closed” option and it displayed my closed tabs. Voila! And I was back in business.

Maybe this is just another keep it clean keep it simple Google mantra. However, I do believe there are quite a few people out there, who might have a slight heartache on not being prompted for something this basic.