Hello, and welcome to the Catapult EPM Team’s wall-to-wall blogging coverage of the 2009 Microsoft Project Conference, live (or nearly so) from lovely, and warm, downtown Phoenix Arizona.
Your correspondents for this week’s shindig are:
  • Andrew Lavinsky – Managing Consultant from our Houston office
  • Tony Castronovo – Director of Service Delivery from our Houston office
  • Peter Elkin – our EPM Solution Lead out of our Dallas office

Together, our merry band of miscreants will try to bring you the technical tidbits, the cool features, and new processes presented by Microsoft Project Server 2010, as well as lots of updates and news regarding MOPS 2007, recaps of keynotes and other talks, and interesting sidebar info we encounter along the way. If anything noteworthy happens in off hours, and if decorum permits, we’ll bring you news from our adventures in Phoenix as well.

Please stay tuned as we try to out-blog the rest. Our keen eye for detail, as well as our literary prowess, should bring it all to you as if you were here yourself!