A data loss prevention company recently engaged a Microsoft partner for an Office 365 implementation. Unfortunately for the client, the partner sent in a SharePoint consultant who was not at all fluent in Office 365, and took six months to complete a project that should have been done in two weeks. After a long trial that resulted in an implementation rife with glitches, the client brought in yet another consulting company, who also failed to fix their outstanding issues with Exchange Online and Lync Online, instead creating a whole new set of issues with SharePoint Online.

The client finally found relief when Microsoft referred them to Catapult Systems. Office 365 MVP Sean McNeill performed a two-day health check, efficiently resolving their issues with Lync and their misconfigured Exchange mailbox access and mail routing. With their previous implementation, the client wasn’t even able to talk with anyone externally on Lync, but now it’s one of their favorite features.

The Catapult team swiftly assuaged the client’s anxiety over their investment in Microsoft’s cloud service, turning a botched engagement into a fully functional and easy-to-use Office 365 environment. Way to go, Team Catapult!