RCP identifies the “biggest” Microsoft partners in terms of their number of competencies in this second-annual list.

By Gladys Rama – July 1, 2013

Source: Redmond Channel Partner

Microsoft competencies don’t tell the whole story about a partner’s depth of expertise, but they can be a good measurement of dedication. Under the requirements of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), it’s harder to gain competencies than in the old Microsoft Partner Program. Racking up a large number of competencies can now take millions of dollars in annual revenue commitments and sometimes over 100 dedicated Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff.

In this second annual feature, RCP scoured Microsoft’s Pinpoint directory to identify the partners with the most competencies. We ranked the top 50 based on their number of gold and silver competencies, as well as participation in the Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) and Cloud Essentials programs.

To rank the companies, RCP generated a score for each partner company consisting of:

1. Two points for each gold competency.
2. One point for each silver competency.
3. One point for SBSC membership.
4. One point for Cloud Essentials participation.

Companies with identical scores received the same ranking.