AUSTIN, TX (3/12/2015) — Fuse, by Catapult Systems, is the company’s latest Intranet as a Service offering, the first of many Solution as a Service offerings to come.

Developed to fill the need to create a true digital workplace without the burdens of a traditional intranet solution, Fuse is a fully-hosted, professionally designed, developed and supported intranet platform built on top of Office 365, managed entirely by Catapult Systems and customized to each organization.
“The hard truth is that traditional intranet portals typically fail within 3-5 years for most companies, as they are not only expensive to build and difficult to maintain but truly suffer from lack of employee engagement and stale content,” states David Fuess, CEO of Catapult Systems. “We wanted to flip the traditional intranet on its head and change this stat for customers, providing them with not just a ‘product’ but a complete, managed solution at less cost and effort.”
A cloud-hosted, flexible collaboration and productivity solution for the enterprise, Fuse incorporates social technology, mobile enablement, analytic reporting, and cloud services to deliver an engaging, employee-centric portal, deeming it to be THE modern intranet. One of Fuse’s strategic differentiators is its ability to evolve to changing business goals and adapt to users over time.

“We provide the necessary building blocks from day one and continually improve your intranet with our usage management and adoption strategies, ensuring content remains fresh and users are engaged,” says Jason Grimm, Managing Director of Solutions for Catapult Systems.

Rather than the traditional model of implementing the solution and handing it off to an organization’s overloaded internal IT team, “we offer a true long-term partnership,” explains Grimm. “With Fuse, we implement and support your intranet solution from the start, making your experience continually focused on increasing internal collaboration and productivity versus worrying about development, provisioning of sites, testing, etc.”
Launched in January 2015, Fuse has gained a lot of traction and is exciting many customers for this very reason. “Our goal was to have a collaborative and knowledge-rich workspace that becomes increasingly valuable over time, which is why we selected Fuse versus a traditional intranet solution,” states Jeff Fudge, Global Director of Software Integration and Solutions for SATO Global Solutions.
“The challenge for us has been figuring out how to share knowledge and facilitate collaboration amongst our employees and valued business partners with minimal distraction of our IT department. Fuse solves this, as its built-in support services and dedicated staff provide the needed focused effort and attention to our solution far after our initial intranet implementation has been completed.”

Giving customers a truly robust, user-friendly employee engagement and performance platform without the risk and cost associated with building a solution from scratch, Catapult’s Fuse offering is truly changing the game in the name of intranets.

As explained by Fudge, “leveraging the collective experience of the Catapult Systems’ team on an ongoing basis, we will be able to ensure that our IT team remains focused on projects that differentiate us from our competitors versus figuring out when we should devote time and effort on upgrading our company portals.”To learn more about this unique Solution as a Service offering, visit