It occurred to me that I have not touted the newest Business Unit within Catapult Systems, my company (well I wish it was MY Company, but I do work for them). We started a new Cloud Services Unit the first of this year to focus on Microsoft Cloud Services, Office 365, Intune, CRM Online and Azure. This new Business Unit is based in Austin, TX with a tele-sales group and remote delivery consultant group. Our goal with this new unit is to cover the entire United States, which are not already covered by one of our local geographical offices, for all Cloud Services.

We are off to a great start, the launch of the new Business Unit coincided with our new website launch, . This new website is very much focused on Catapult’s commitment to Cloud Services. I assisted with the Cloud Services message on our website, check out why you should choose Catapult as your Cloud Partner, and why Microsoft Office 365 should be your Cloud Choice, I wrote the majority of those two White Papers, and think they really make sense for a company looking to move to the Cloud.

I encourage you to let us know if you are interested in a move to the Cloud,