AUSTIN, Texas, April 10, 2018 — Catapult, a digital solutions and services firm, today announced that its Fuse mobile application for IOS and Android is now available. This new addition to their popular cloud-based intranet solution, which has always provided a mobile-friendly web browsing experience, serves to further support today’s modern work environment by allowing clients to engage previously unreachable employees.

In addition to better meeting employees’ workplace expectations for anytime, anywhere access, the Fuse mobile application will help communications and HR departments expand their employee engagement efforts beyond the corporate office. Now, companies can effectively reach remote and deskless employees, ensuring they receive critical news and highlights via push alerts and notifications.

“Catapult continually improves upon Fuse with employee engagement as a central goal,” said Eric Russell, Catapult’s Fuse Solution Director. “Every enhancement serves to empower workers to connect them in new and collaborative ways. The Fuse mobile application provides yet another tool to make it easier for organizations to disseminate their missions and visions across the entire workforce, especially to customer-facing and remote employees who may not have a company desktop.”

Fuse mobile clients will enjoy reduced turnover and enhanced job performance by empowering all employees with helpful resources, by better including them in team building events and instilling a sense of cultural belonging, and by providing more transparency and open communication with senior leadership. Since engaged employees often deliver superior customer service, Catapult also believes that providing frontline, customer-facing workers with mobile portal access can help build business velocity.