AUSTIN, Texas – October 13, 2016 – Catapult, a leading IT consulting firm, announced the work they are doing to drive change in how the public sector consumes, manages and delivers data analysis.

Catapult presented this week at the DIR Technology Forum. Larry Clark, Catapult Data Analytics Practice Lead, co-hosted a presentation with Ed Kelly, the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)’s Statewide Data Coordinator.

The presentation covered the process and results of a pilot for the Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR) platform, during which the DIR and four other State Agencies explored how to more efficiently and effectively draw value from their data by leveraging Catapult’s Agile Analytics methodology and the Microsoft Azure cloud hosted data platform. The Agile Analytics methodology aims to make data-driven insight more accessible to agency employees and citizens, while decreasing administrative burden and accelerating the speed at which agencies can drive data-backed initiatives. This is accomplished while ensuring they adhere to strict security and compliance regulations.

“The work that Catapult is doing in data analytics is just one aspect of our long-standing commitment to government agencies at the local, state and federal level,” said Michael Kennedy, Director of Public Sector Cloud Strategy at Catapult. “We’re excited to share the results this pilot project brought to the State of Texas and we look forward to expanding Catapult’s Agile Analytics approach to other states.”

In addition to Catapult’s participation in the DIR Technology Forum, last week GovLoop released their Data Analytics Guide with an interview from Catapult’s Michael Kennedy. Titled, “How the cloud can support your analytics journey,” Mr. Kennedy sheds light on Catapult’s cloud-based approach to Data Analysis within the public sector, and how agencies are gaining greater insight more quickly and at a lower cost with Agile Analytics.