Source: Richmond BizSense

Author: Jack Jacobs

Chesterfield County launched an online tool that allows users to track capital projects, and view school enrollment and other data related to the county’s capital improvement plan. (Screenshot)

There’s now an easier way to keep an eye on Chesterfield County’s capital projects.

The county this week launched the new Community Facilities and Infrastructure tool, which allows the tracking of a range of information and topics related to the county’s capital improvement plan. The resource includes a capital project map, school enrollment information and other data.

The resource rounds up information already on the county’s website as well as additional data related to school enrollment, putting it all in one place for the first time.

“This information can be helpful to all residents, business owners and developers as a resource to explore what capital projects may be underway or coming soon to a particular area,” Natalie Spillman, county marketing and engagement specialist, said in an email. “Additionally, businesses and developers may find the school enrollment and capacity dashboard report informative when researching or exploring areas of the county.”

The projects map shows in-progress facilities, roads and utility projects with a budget of $1 million or more, as well as less-costly projects that have caught the public’s interest. School data includes historic enrollment trends, schools’ student capacities and relevant real-estate data.

Among projects listed on the map are $61.2 million in improvements underway at River City Sportsplex, as well as ongoing work to construct Crestwood Elementary School ($34.6 million) and Manchester Middle School ($49.6 million).

The data in the resource’s enrollment and capacity dashboard is part of a student enrollment forecasting project currently in the works. The county is working with Catapult Systems, a Texas-based IT firm, to build the model. Testing is expected in the coming weeks, and implementation is slated for the fall.

The county, like other localities, uses its capital improvement plan to map out the construction, financing and timetables for new facilities, land acquisitions and equipment purchases.

Development of the facilities tool didn’t come with a specific price tag. The project was completed by county staff with existing resources, Spillman said.

In addition to the Community Facilities and Infrastructure tool, the county also recently launched an email-based system for the submission and review of development plans.

To view the tool, click here.