AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 29, 2017 -. Catapult, a digital solutions and services firm, has expanded upon its IT Lifecycle management offering, Launch, to provide a more holistic collection of services by adding Windows 10 Lifecycle Management and Server Lifecycle Management, in addition to its existing User Lifecycle Management services

Using a unique combination of people, processes, tools, and automation, Launch reduces the potential for critical errors, creates an audit trail with its Automation Platform, and improves user experiences while reducing operational costs. By eliminating IT’s most repetitive and tedious tasks, including user provisioning and deprovisioning, server patching, and Windows 10 feature patching, departments can focus on a company’s more strategic initiatives.

Catapult’s User Lifecycle Management service has been proven to decrease employee onboarding time by up to 73 percent. Offering seamless provisioning and deprovisioning of workers, companies can ensure user onboarding time decreases, while reducing the risk of data loss upon employee departure. The two new services add to Catapult’s ability to enable seamless, efficient and secure IT processes for our customers.

Windows 10 Lifecycle Management Service ensures a perpetually modern user experience for employees by providing insights into the latest Windows 10 capabilities, managing the upgrade and patching process as well as supporting efforts geared at driving feature adoption by users.

Server Lifecycle Management Service provides monthly patching, feature updates, reporting, and ongoing maintenance to reduce the risk of outages and security breaches.

Launch’s ongoing coaching and support model also allows IT teams to leverage Catapult’s deep technical skill on an as-needed basis, while a dedicated customer success manager provides best practices to increase productivity and weekly analysis to ensure an organization’s IT services continuously improve based on the company’s needs.

“Currently, there’s no other solution on the market quite like Launch,” says Cameron Fuller, Launch Solutions Director. “While automation tools are becoming ubiquitous in the digital workplace, Launch provides a service to help companies tackle their most time-consuming, costly activities so their IT organization can focus on more strategic initiatives. We are helping our customers actively improve their IT environment over time.”

To learn more, visit our Launch page.