Problem: A public sector client uses multiple-choice clickers for participation during all presentations and briefings, with attendees picking up clickers before entering the auditorium, and returning them when they leave. This method of distribution left the client without a way to track which attendees had what clickers, leading to accountability issues where several clickers would end up unreturned.

Solution: Catapult Systems presented the Windows 8 Microsoft Application Acceleration Program Overview (MAAP) Tablet POC as a cost-effective and accelerated solution that would solve the client’s inventory problems quickly and without fail. Catapult is currently helping them develop a Windows 8 application. Using the camera on the Windows 8 tablet as a scanner, the app scans the barcode on an attendee’s ID and on the corresponding clicker when he or she checks in, and scans it again when the clicker is returned, providing the client with an instant record of which clickers have not been returned. Catapult has brought its interactive design agency, Slingrock, into the project to assist with tailoring the app’s design to the client’s users.

The Windows 8 tablet’s barcode-scanning abilities can be applied to any sort of inventory tracking, giving the client an unlimited resource for tracking attendance and inventory. With the powerful touchscreen technology of Windows 8 in their hands, the client can enjoy its convenience, portability, and accessibility, while envisioning its far-reaching capabilities for their organization.

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