For quick reference (and mine!), the following are my blog posts and podcasts on the soft skills and consulting. This idea spawned from a blog post that I did on “Skilling up in IT Consulting” – which focused on the importance of soft skills to successful consulting. There following are my personal insights in consulting and lessons that I have learned over the years I have spent consulting in a single blog post to make them easier to track down.


Dealing with bad commutes

Identifying “Optimal” Commute Times

Healthy IT:

IT Consulting / Healthy IT @ Conferences

IT Consulting / (UN)Healthy IT

Lessons learned in consulting:

Looking back and predicting the future

Public Speaking:

Public speaking and the equation of fear

Successfully executing a Live Meeting as a remote presenter

On Writing:

A Plea to the Technical Community

The Community:

Advice for aspiring monitoring folks, Giving back to the technical community

Time Management:

The power of singletasking, chunking it down & a mini-sabbatical

Time Multipliers

Crippled by Email

IT Consulting: Not a series of sprints… a marathon


Consulting, Working Conditions & Cool Technology

Dress code and consulting


In iTunes these are available as part of “inside podcast network”: episode #10, episode #12

These also will be available for download at:

I hope that you find these useful and I look forward to adding new blog posts, podcasts and other resources as they become available here!