Just read an excellent post by Alex the Aussie over at epmsource.com. Alex has been working the the Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 tool, and is trying to get task-level data, in this case milestone and stage info, out of the schedule and into the workflow.
We’ve used the Nintex tool a couple of times ourselves, and wanted to do the same thing.
Alex’s solution is to use the "Execute SQL" function in Nintex. This appears to be the only way to do it at the moment. This was our conclusion as well.
Alex’s point is the "Execute SQL" function is really underrated, as it allows you to do all sorts of stuff with schedule data, along with the vast amount of other Reporting Database goodness.
I agree whole-heartedly. "Execute SQL" is slicker than you-know-what through a goose. But, to me at least, it misses the point.
The beauty of the Nintex tool is it enables the PMO (or other non-techies) to build workflows. You don’t need to be a developer or a DBA to use it. However, to get at some of the really juicy info, be it from the schedule, or resource assignments, or what-have-you, you DO have to be a developer or a DBA to use the tool.
I know, I know. This is the first release of the Nintex tool. And it’s freakin’ great. Really. The difference in ease-of-workflow-development and overall usability between the Nintex tool and Visual Studio is akin to the difference betwen an Android phone and the computers used in the Apollo space program.
But, and I hope my friends at Nintex are listening, to realize the potential of the tool, its got to usable by business people.