Although still relatively new in a broad sense, many of us have embraced the “Metro” design concepts that are the face of both the Windows 8 Operating system, as well as the Windows 7 and 8 Phone.  For more on what “Metro Design” is, you can visit the wiki here.  I have been running Windows 8 on my slate since the RC0 (Release Candidate) version, and have been running Windows 8 Enterprise on my work laptop for almost 2 months now.  I LOVE it!  I came across one of the tiles on my desktop that I haven’t popped open in awhile.  It is a dashboard application created by Josh Handel, Chief Mobile Architect at Catapult Systems.  I and a few others from the Catapult Systems Business Intelligence team had the opportunity to come up with some requirements for a prototype of what a Business Intelligence dashboard may look like when applying the Metro Design principles in Windows 8.  We handed those requirements over to Josh, and he coded it up!  What prompted me to write this blog post was that the application detailed in the videos below was built over 18 months ago, well before the release of Windows 8.  In the first video, you get a good feel for what a Metro Style BI Dashboard might look like.  In the second video, Josh explains some of the more technical underpinning of the prototype. 


Hopefully the videos below help you envision how your existing dashboards could be spiced up and become even more user friendly and appealing……”Heeeey, Sexy Dashboard!”!

Windows 8 Metro Style BI Dashboard – Overview Video



Windows 8 Metro Style BI Dashboard – Technical Overview (Josh Handel)