This post is based on Exchange 2010 SP1 with Update Rollup 1 and Outlook 2010 with latest updates.

Let’s consider that we would like the name of the Personal Archive to be more descriptive for our users.  We can change the Display Name for the archive to display whatever we want.  There appears to be a bug with the display name of the Personal Archive Display Name in Outlook 2010.  OWA displays the name correctly. 

Let’s look at default settings of my Personal Archive by running the following command:

Get-Mailbox 2010sp1b | fl *archive*

ArchErr - EMS - before

The default view from Outlook 2010 doesn’t match the exact Display Name of “Online Archive – 2010SP1b” as shown above from the “ArchiveName” parameter:


ArchErr - Outlook - before - markup

The default view from OWA does match the “ArchiveName” parameter:

ArchErr - OWA - before - markup

Now let’s change the “ArchiveName” parameter to something more descriptive by running the following command:

Set-Mailbox 2010sp1b –ArchiveName “KEEP FOREVER”

ArchErr - EMS - after

Again, the view in Outlook 2010 does not update to match the “ArchiveName” parameter:


ArchErr - Outlook - after - markup

But, OWA 2010 does update to match:

ArchErr - OWA - after - markup

Anyone know of or have a fix to force Outlook 2010 to update the Archive Display Name?