Real World SharePoint 2007: Indispensable Experiences From 16 MOSS and WSS MVPs

What happens when a groups of MVPs get together and write a book about the good and bad of a product like SharePoint? You get a valuable resource and a good read! Unlike some "committee" books, this one is skillfully edited by Scot Hillier to maintain the tone of a single voice without losing the individuality of each author.

Many of the current SharePoint books are a rehash of the same technical how-tos and walk-throughs. This book tells it like it is, warts and all. The advice is from folks that have actually done the work. They have worked through the issues and found the work-arounds. This is great advice and a good read. You get 16 distinct voices, programmers, administrators, designers, philosophers…they are all talented. Buy 2 copies, one will be on permanent loan to your coworkers.

One caveat that applies to all SharePoint books, read the table of contents. SharePoint is too vast to be covered by a single book, make sure the problems you wish to solve are listed.