I wrote this in about 10 years ago. I ran across it again recently and had to put it out there just for the fun of it. As background, I live in North Dallas and at this point in time I was commuting to just short of the Oklahoma border (about an hour north).


“Man, even the cows don’t live this far up! Just for fun, I’m attaching my recent top 10 list on the commute to Sherman:


The following are the top 10 advantages to consulting in Sherman Texas:

1) No need to listen to those annoying Dallas traffic reports

2) The gun range is within walking distance for lunch target practice!

3) Not much competition from other consulting organizations (except something called Bubba’s Oil changes and Consulting Services Inc)

4) The feeling of being closer to home up in the "Great White North"

5) No worries about those annoying cell phone calls

6) Absolute knowledge of how far radio stations in Dallas really broadcast (AM broadcasts further than FM, who knew!)

7) Billable mileage, Billable mileage, and more Billable mileage

8) The pawn shop is within walking distance as well (for shopping over lunch breaks, hey it’s across from the gun range!)

9) No need to slow down to 75 for those annoying toll booths!

10) 1/2 hour commute to Oklahoma (haven’t figured out why to go there yet, but it’s there!) “


(Shout-out to my friends in Oklahoma – I now know good reasons to go to Oklahoma!)


Have a great weekend everyone!