While Blackberry has been taking a beating lately with the service outages and the overall loss of market share in the Enterprise Smartphone market they are still a pretty big player. Add to that many users that carry Blackberries seem to be higher level managers and C level personnel, Blackberry Services for Office 365 is still big requirement for many companies thinking of moving to the cloud. I have several clients that need this service and are implementing an Office 365 Hybrid solution just to allow the Blackberry users remain on-premises utilizing the companies on-premises Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) connected to the on-premises Exchange server.
Currently Blackberry has a public beta available with their Blackberry Business Cloud Services, http://us.blackberry.com/business/software/cloudservices/ This service allows Blackberry devices to connect to a mailbox in Office 365 Exchange Online. My understanding is this service should be "RTM’d" sometime this month. The beta is currently open to anyone. Use the above link to find out more about the service and request a Beta Trial.