And this was one of them: “Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Consolidation Best Practices Considerations”.  The SQL CAT team continues to deliver – every conference I have been to, this group at Microsoft always delivers great content.

Now, before I start to rave too much, I will say the title of the session fails a bit; rather, it should have read: “Really cool things we did with Analysis Services and we are SO excited to share”.

The consolidation best practices slide presentation was rather perfunctory and mundane.  There were some starts to good thoughts, but none of which we really explored in depth.

The pattern for the slides was all to lead up to the “really cool things” that this team did with Analysis Services and fortunately enough, is available to the public.

Ah, so what is this really cool thing? Simply put, it allows for load balancing of individual SSAS databases across multiple SSAS instances – load balancing at database level, really cool.

Check out the ASLB Toolkit post here on the SQL Cat blog; it contains links to the source and other reference documentation.