I developed this for a client a while back, and have had to refresh it and resend it multiple times.  Updated for 2009, here’s my latest version.  Note to the naysayers that this is not the end all be all of becoming a Project Server admin, but if you are on the business side, and have been appointed the owner of your Project Server instance, then this post is for you.

Required Reading List:

These books should be in the library of any Project Server Admin.

Recommended Reading List:

These books make a good addition to the library of any Project Server Admin.

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Get Yourself an Operating Framework

Since you will be the Project Server service desk, or will be interfacing with your corporate service desk, it behooves you to get up to speed on best practices in keeping the lights on and in managing changes.  There’re a couple of flavors out there, but the ideal scenario would be to get ITIL v2 Foundations Certified or up to speed on the Microsoft Operations Framework.  I can’t speak to MOF, but the ITIL v2 Foundations class is easily accessible and quite beneficial to non-techies.

Note that ITIL v3 may also be beneficial, but doesn’t spend the time on the Service Desk operations that v2 did – unless the syllabus has changed, and I missed it, which is entirely possible.