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Customers who have moved into the cloud often have trouble setting up their cloud environment. Enter the governance process.

The governance process is a lot like setting up a house, you have to decide where you want all of your possessions to go inside. It starts with having a solid cloud foundation. In Azure, this is your identity, enterprise subscription, and enterprise agreement.



Governance also mandates and specifies how you tag your resources. These tags are attributes you can attach to any subscription resource in your Azure environment. This feature helps you track events, costs, and resource optimization to specific subscription resources.


Azure ScaffoldGovernance typically involves the use of the Azure Scaffold process. With this approach, an expert cloud architect comes in to help the customer set up their cloud environment. Every business has a unique situation, so every organization is going to have different needs and goals aligned with their cloud. The scaffold is meant to be a framework that provides the security, applications, and policies that businesses need to meet their needs.

With the scaffold approach, businesses can:

  • Analyze if their workloads meet minimum governance requirements
  • Support traditional IT and agile workloads
  • Allow developers to reach their goals without roadblocks.

Overall, Governance and Azure Scaffold are meant to provide ways to not only help you transition into the cloud, but also to optimize it for ensured success.

Catapult made a Live Q+A video on Facebook, where our Azure experts covered a variety of cloud topics, including governance and the Azure Scaffold process.